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10. FESTIVAL 8.-10.11.2019


The curriculum at IGAB comprises four modules:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Concert level

the successful participation and completion of all modules involves serious application and ongoing development of individual artistic/technical capabilities. The closure of basic and intermediate level will involve a practical examination/ concert. Students of IGAB are recommended to participate in both fixed ensemble and guitar orchestra projects at no extra cost. Such activities call for a positive social competence; the collective good of the whole ensemble remains the principal priority.

Tuition in a second instrument is strongly recommended and can be arranged through IGAB.

In addition to regular main subject classes, a series of masterclasses, lectures and seminars is offered throughout the academic year with the aim of providing complete and concise knowledge of the classical guitar and related instruments, their history, literature and cultural significance.

The tutors at IGAB are focused primarily on developing musical and instrumental competence on the part of each student.

The preparatory studies programme at IGAB is integrated with the guitar faculty at LKMS and works in close co-operation with the SVA (preparatory studies programme) of the same institution.

External participants

  • The modules 'intermediate', 'advanced' and 'concert level' are also available to external applicants who are not resident in Berlin or Germany.
  • In such cases arrangements can be made so that a 30 minute weekly lesson contract may be incorporated in a block structure (e.g. 90 minutes every three weeks or 120 minutes every four weeks).

Tuition at IGAB can also be arranged in a "packet form", i.e. a series of five or more lessons can be booked and scheduled to suit both student and tutor over an agreed time period.

Exchange programmes with Music Academies (Musikhochschulen) and similar institutions are at an initial planning stage.

Concerts and Examinations

Two collective concerts are held at IGAB during each academic year. Participants in IGAB are expected to undergo an annual examination which can be presented in the form of a recital. The examination will be certified by a commission.

In the case of examinations in the modules "advanced" and "concert level", the commission consists of internationally reknown guitarists. A final diploma will be awarded to examinees at 'advanced' and 'concert level' following their final examination recital. The coursework and diplomas do not constitute any form of competition with other established educational institutions.

Subjects and options

  • Charango
  • Guitar Orchestra (project)

Complimentary Subjects

Music Theory, Ear Training etc. in accordance with the curriculum at LKMS.

Second Instrument

IGAB offers second subject tuition in Electric Guitar, Lute etc., Charango.

In the case of university preparation courses (SVA), tuition in all other required instruments is available through LKMS.


Internationally recognized guitarists, university tutors and others with similar qualifications.The core team at present includes:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann – Concert Guitar, Guitar Orchestra Projects
Patricio Zeoli – Concert Guitar, Charango
Fred Vonderbank – Theory and Ear Training

Artistic director

Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann


Tuition in main subject is provided exclusively by tutors from IGAB except for the basic module which is provided by teachers from LKMS. Tuition is normally conducted on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. Other arrangements can be made following consultation with IGAB. Applicants for tuition at IGAB are required to undergo an entrance examination or present a document attesting to studies concurred at a Hochschule or University. For those participants enrolled in the Hochschule/ University preparatory studies programme, examinations are held once a year. The members of the commision are responsible for grading these examinations and are available for consultation on all relevant matters. Participation in events organized by IGAB is obligatory for all participants residing in Berlin. Non participation is granted only in exceptional circumstances and must be applied for in writing.


All classes are conducted at the locations pertaining to LKMS

Weekend Courses

Weekend courses are offered twice a year by Tutors at IGAB together with internationally active tutors at the LKMS. These courses focus on a wide range of themes e.g.

Instrumental Technique,
Style ( e.g. historical performance practice, South American rhythms and playing Techniques),
Composing for the guitar,
Music ethnology etc.

International Masterclasses

These take place twice a year under the direction of selected internationally recognized tutors.

Courses and Lectures

Courses and seminars on style/repertoire/literature/Guitar construction etc. presented by Concert Guitarists, Lutenists, Musicologists, Luthiers.


  • Concerts are presented twice a year with internationally recognized performers and Ist prizewinners at international competitions
  • Concerts with participants at IGAB are also presented twice a year.