Requirements for the lessons

The training at the International Guitar Academy Berlin (IGAB) is not limited academically and is based on the individual needs of the accepted participants.

The prerequisite for admission to the IGAB, after passing an artistic placement recital of 20 minutes (the program includes works of 3 epochs with one work after 1950, single movements are sufficient), is continuous commitment and active participation in concerts and events.

Solo und Ensemble

The main focus of the IGAB’s work are the instrumental main subject lessons. These serve the development and perfection of musical and instrumental technical competence. The ensemble playing in the projects of the guitar orchestra is highly desired and free of charge for the participants of the IGAB. High artistic standards, creativity and the well-being of the community have a high value.

Pre-study education

For study preparations, the IGAB works closely with the study-preparatory course of the Leo-Kestenberg Musikschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin (LKMS) (see Study-preparatory course). Lessons on a second instrument and in theory and ear training may be obligatory for the study preparations.

External participants

Classes at the IGAB are also offered to external participants. This is made possible by flexible teaching dates and occasional online teaching.

Our lecturers

Internationally renowned guitarist, university teachers with long time teaching experience at conservatories.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Offermann
Prof. Dr. Thomas OffermannArtistic director
Patricio Zeoli
Patricio ZeoliGuitar, Charango
Felix Mahr
Felix MahrMusic Theory, Ear Training

Main Instrument


Classical guitar
Guitar orchestra (project-based)

Additional subjects

Music theory

Ear training, harmony.
These lessons are additionally booked through the LKMS.

Preparation for studying at German Universities


All second instruments, especially piano and various melodic instruments, are offered through LKMS as part of the student preparation program.

Class locations

Classes are held at the LKMS and by individual arrangement.

Lessons in the main subject usually take place weekly during school hours or by arrangement, e.g. as block lessons. The vacation periods of the state of Berlin apply.