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On the occasion of the 11th Festival of the International Guitar Academy Berlin at the Rathaus Schmargendorf, the well-known composer Maria Linnemann will once again lead two ensembles with guitar students, for which all interested children can be registered. We would like to ask all guitar teachers for their cooperation!

Registrations are only accepted online via the registration form and until 12.2.2023 at the latest.

Ensemble 1

Guitar students from about 7 to 10 years old, literature:

1. “Two Clowns – Pom and Pico”, from: The Nose of the Camel, Ricordi, No. Sy 2639
2. the Rain in Spain
3. the Woodpecker

We ask you to obtain the sheet music “The Nose of the Camel” in specialized shops, e.g. at Musikhaus Trekel, Hamburg. You will receive the sheet music “The Rain in Spain” and “The Woodpecker” as PDF after registration and payment of the participation fee.

Ensemble 2

Guitar students from about 10 to 14 years, literature:

From: “Wraggle Taggle”, Trekel Verlag Hamburg, Order No. T5220.

1. early one morning
2. wraggle taggle gypsies
3. linden lea

We kindly ask you to get this sheet music from your local music store, e.g. Musikhaus Trekel, Hamburg

We ask the teachers to prepare their students well with as balanced a voice distribution as possible or with multiple voices. Selection of the ensemble by the respective teachers according to playing ability; the age specifications are therefore guidelines.


Sat, 3/4, 9:30am-12pm Ensemble 1 – Rehearsal, Minna Cauer Hall
Sat, 3/4, 2-5 p.m. Ensemble 2 – Rehearsal, Minna-Cauer Hall
Sun, 3/5, 2pm-3pm Ensemble 2 – Rehearsal and dress rehearsal, Festsaal
Sun, 3/5, 3-4 p.m. Ensemble 1 – Rehearsal and dress rehearsal, Festsaal


Sunday, 5.3.2023 at 16.30 in the Festival Hall, Charlottenburg City Hall.

All participants of the ensembles Maria Linnemann
Conductor: Maria Linnemann


35,-€ plus purchase of sheet music

The number of places in the Linnemann ensembles is limited to 15 places each, the receipt of the participation fee is decisive.
The literature has to be purchased by yourself, e.g. at Musikhaus Trekel, Hamburg.

Until 12.2.2023, 80% of the paid amount can be refunded in case of cancellation of the registration. Cancellations will only be accepted in writing (by email or letter).

If you have any questions before registration, please use our contact form.

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